10 things to do to live a better life

There are few things we can actually do to make our life better. After all life is an unsolved mystery. It is the precious gift to all the creatures in this world. So one should live it to its extreme. There are joys and sorrows. But remember after every night there is a new morning. Life cannot get better only by doing great things, but it can be made better by doing ordinary things in  a great way. Let us discuss some ways that can make life better

1. Stop complaining

Accept a positive attitude towards life and stop complaining. Think about what you can do today rather than what could have been done. Be grateful and satisfied with what you have. Our mind is occupied with lot of thoughts. It can be possession, obsessing, giving up, hopelessness and lot more. Value the time and start your day a bit early. Always remember where there is a will, there is a way. Appreciate what you have. Spend few minutes in praying to God. This will fill your mind and body with positivity.

2. Learn to say thanks and sorry

We have only one life. Nobody knows what will happen afterwards. So live to its extreme and learn to say sorry and thanks. Be grateful to people who have been there when you need them the most. Tell your friends and family you love them and how important they are to you. Apologize if you hurt someone.

3. Give time to your family

Never underestimate your family. They are the people who love you the most and can do anything for you. Although there may be difference in opinions but remember they are the only one who stand with you in your hard times. Keep your phone aside for sometime and discuss your problems with your family. Spend time with your kids and spouse. Have sex with your partner. Apart from being a basic need, it is indeed a great way to make your life happy and glorious and enjoyable. Go out with your family on weekends not regularly but yes occasionally. There is nothing more relaxing than being a kid with your kids. Share stories and answer their questions. This bond of love can really can’t be replaced by anything other in this world.

4. Write down what you want in life

Planning is very important. Think about what you want in life. Make your goal clear and search for the ways to a accomplish them. This will prevent you from wondering what you want and how to start? You will have a clear picture in mind and your brain will automatically work accordingly. Start your day a bit earlier

5. Think of people you admire

Think of people you admire in life. Read their biographies and learn from them. Reading also improves mental health. Also you find ways to solve your problems. It gives you confidence to face the world by thinking if these people can why not me?

6. Avoid debt traps

Planning your finances is the ultimate way to make life better. Avoid taking loans and debts to avoid stress. Plan your expenses according to your income is the key to live a happy life. Work together with your spouse and set your priorities and stick to your budget. Start investing little bit by taking advice from a financial planner. He can guide you to invest wisely and stay stress free. Donate amount to needy people

7. Keep your surroundings clean

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Keep to your surroundings clean. Keep your windows and doors open to let the fresh air refresh your mind and soul. Do something cool to make your place look good. Cover your bed with floral bedsheet and clean your room. Replace old flowers with new ones in vase. Being organised and environment friendly will make your mind relax and happy too.

8. Eat healthy food

It has been truly said that Health is Wealth. If wealth is gone something has gone but if health is gone everything has gone. Eat healthy food. Get up early in the morning and go for 20 minutes walk or exercise. Invest in your health. Quit one of your habit that you know is not good for your health. It can be drinking alcohol or smoking or eating junk food etc. Love yourself, take a deep breath and thank God for the wonderful life. Avoid eating outside and prepare your meal at home.

9. Work hard rather than talking shortcuts

Everyone want to become successful in little time. We see and admire people who are successful and often ignore to see how much hard work they have put into that. There are actually no shortcuts to success.  One should learn to work hard to enjoy the fruit of success. Hard work gives us inner peace and the happiness after success is unbeatable.

10. Respect and  Stand for yourself

Do something that makes you feel you. The actual happiness  is the one that you can feel from within. Do what makes you feel actually happy. Respect yourself and take your decisions.Have courage to face situations and stand by your decisions. Don’t let others decide for you and tell you what you are capable of. Nobody knows you better than yourself.

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