What is meant by post modernism?

Discussion forumCategory: SociologyWhat is meant by post modernism?
Shivani Staff asked 7 months ago

Post modernism originated in the decade of 1960 with the artists in New York. If modernity is the study of modernism. Post modernism is the study of post modern culture. It is such a Synthetic Sociological theory that derives facts and concepts from various branches of knowledge. It presents an integrated ideology about future society. The main aim of post modernity is to dismantle the facts and theories of modernity.

Although critics of Post modernism also state that it is not the theory but an ideology. It is becoming popular like a fashion. According to them, it is that colour which can be painted on any object. Even an inferior object becomes refined by the polish and colour of Post modernism. In fact it is an illusion, a network which traps an individual within its vicinity. Hence it can be said that Post modernity discards modernity.

But Some scholars are of the view that the theory is a sort of anarchy associated with technical production and consumerism. In other words, it is assumed that in Post modernity there is industrial technical progress. But the whole progress is engulfed by the general consumerism. Therefore pure thoughts and conduct will have no place. Every individual works on the of getting maximum facilities, luxuries and comfort. Thus we can say powerful source of Post modernity is the world of capitalism.

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