Are working women better mothers?

Every women plays many roles in her daily life. She is a daughter, wife, mother, daughter in law, sister and so much more. But being a mother and also working in some organisation increases her responsibilities and burden too. Well, definition of perfect is different for everyone. As we all have our own own experiences and perspectives. Here I am sharing my own views about whether a working woman is a better mother? Although i respect every woman as she is the one who make us exist on Earth.

In relation to the above question, Its a yes for me as i think, working women performs her role more efficiently. Here are some points which i’m gonna discuss in their favour:

1. Working women are more patient

Working women are more patient and understanding. Moreover they are inspirational. Children learn adjustment and managing their task themselves by seeing their mom doing her stuff on her own. Although children of working women do not get garam paranthas (hot chapattis) and other mouth watering dishes every morning, but they become more patient and learn to adjust to situations in life. And are not dependent on anyone and become self sufficient rather than being spoon feeders. They do not cling to their moms,learn to cooperate and are more social.

2. They have better bonding with their kids

Working women have more strong bonds with their children. She is more open and understands her children better. Children feel free to talk and share their problems to their mother as they know, she can listen, understand and assist them. She goes out and is more aware of the evils in the society. So she can teach her children, how to face the hardships and stay away from those evils. She stands with her children and support them whereever needed. There is more trust and love in relation between the mother and children. Also the relationship between the children themselves is more stonger. Moreover a working women loves to spend her spare time with her kids rather than gossiping with neighbours or on cell phones.

3. Children are more responsible

Children of working mothers are more responsible and know how to take care of themselves and their younger ones in absence of their mother. They care for each other and hence sense of responsibility and cooperation develops in them. Be it getting ready for school or doing their homework etc they learn to do their stuff on their own without the help or repeatedly saying from their mothers.

4. Good role model

Working women are good role models. As they are independent and take their own decisions. Her opinion is respected and she has her own space at home. She knows to stand and fight for her rights. Also She is familiar with the use of technology and latest gadgets which make her get more closer to her children. Being a daughter of a working women, me too always wanted to work and earn rather than staying at home. And believe me my life is much better than it would have been at home. And i would also do the same for my kids. Thanks to you mom for that!

5. Financially Independent

Working women are financially independent. They can take care of themselves and their family. She can be a great helping hand to her husband in financial matters. In our country the health of women is a big issue. Just because they are not financially independent and less aware about their health. And those who are aware still ignores it because of the lack of financial sources.

6. Disciplined and organised

Working women are more disciplined and organised in her daily activities. She knows how to manage time and tasks efficiently. Although working woman has more responsibilities and has to manage her home and office too. She has to keep her personal and professional life separate in order to live a happily. At the same, she is balanced and very well know how to keep her family members and relatives happy and satisfied.

7. Confident and broad minded

Working women are more confident and faces the challenges with full strength. She knows to balance her life. As not being confined to her home and family only, she is more broad minded and advanced.

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