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  • Evolutionary Theories of Social Change in Sociology

    Evolutionary theories were given by Auguste Comte, Spencer and Veblen etc. From the primitive times, the scholars have explained their views about the following questions. What are the factors and […]

  • Doctrine of Karma: Ways in which Doctrine of Karma influences our Social life

    The Doctrine of Karma has been influencing Indians in innumerable ways. It emphasizes on acquiring everything by accepting the current life as everything. According to Dr. Radhakrishnan, no other doctrine […]

  • Women Health: 10 reason why women health is neglected in the country

    Women’s health is a key means to her empowerment. It is both the indicator and an instrument for her development and progress. But the health care in India is inequitable. […]

  • Social change: What is Social change and its Forms?

    Social change refers to imminent alteration in the social order of a society. From the beginning, sociologist have considered evolution, advancement and social change – the three perceptions- to have […]

  • Rural sociology GNDU question paper 2018

    Rural sociology question paper 2018 of Guru Nanak Dev University is available here. To view and download it for free click on the link given below.

  • Theory of Social change by Karl Marx

    The explanation of social changes has been demonstrated by theories given by some scholars. They believe that social change occurs according to these rules and theories. The¬† theory of social […]

  • Development of society based on the law of three stages described by Auguste Comte

    The law of three stages is an important contribution of Auguste Comte within the field of social thinking. He wished to find out and know the rules that governed the […]

  • Alienation in Capitalistic Society

    The literal meaning of Alienation is “to separate” . Marx gave this term a sociological meaning. His intention with the idea of alienation is the composition of such type of […]

  • Capitalism: Origin of Capitalism and its characteristics

    The complete Marx ideology is against capitalism. Capitalist society¬† is the one in which “Man exploits Man”. In such type of society, the rich becomes richer and the poor becomes […]