What is My Society My World all about

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Welcome to My Society My World and thanks for stopping by and taking time for reading đŸ™‚

Well this blog is created in order to help students in topics of science and social science which has been in my mind since the time i was a student of sociology

What is My society My World all about?

Our society is a web and a  place where so many things happen in fraction of second. There are lot new experiences every minute. We have designed this blog just to focus the issues that are there in our society. Those may be about rural life or urban life, women empowerment or about scientific innovations and discoveries, caste, health, lifestyle etc

Through this platform we want to bring into focus the different areas and problems in our prevailing society, provide knowledge and spread awareness about it.

How can it help you?

We are experienced team of tutors and people and can assure you that you will definitely gain and develop love for reading along with finding relevant information. We are here to help so I welcome your topics that you want to discuss. You can ask your questions about sociology and science in our  Discussion Forum. We will definitely try to answer them as soon as possible. We assure you it will be value for your time spent.

So go ahead and happy reading!!!