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  • Alienation in Capitalistic Society

    The literal meaning of Alienation is “to separate” . Marx gave this term a sociological meaning. His intention with the idea of alienation is the composition of such type of […]

  • Capitalism: Origin of Capitalism and its characteristics

    The complete Marx ideology is against capitalism. Capitalist society  is the one in which “Man exploits Man”. In such type of society, the rich becomes richer and the poor becomes […]

  • Classical Sociological Tradition Question paper of GNDU 2017

    Classical Sociological Tradition Question paper 2017 of Sociology from GNDU is available here. Click on the link given below to view and download. classical sociology GNDU question paper 2017 Visit […]

  • Combating Menopause: Growing old gracefully

    When we see a little girl in her beautiful pink dress, rarely a thought strikes our mind that slowly she will grow old be a grandmother. Most women if they […]

  • GNDU 2017 Question paper for Techniques of Social Research

    GNDU question paper of Techniques of Social Research 2017 is available on our site. To view and download click the link given below. Techniques of Social Research 2017

  • Ten ways to tackle children with ADHD

    ADHD is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It is a mental condition in which children are unable to control their impulses and have poor concentration or unable to pay attention. The […]

  • What were Durkheims views on Religion ?

    Durkheim presented his views on religion such that it is a group phenomena which unifies the group and binds people together. During the last years of his teaching life, Durkheim’s interest […]

  • Ultraviolet radiation: What are benefits of UV rays

    The radiant solar energy is mainly responsible for the continued existence on Earth. Although the benefits of solar energy is known since ancient times, it was only during the 19th century […]

  • GNDU question paper for Methodology of Social Research 2017

    Methodology of Social Research Here we have old question papers of GNDU MA sociology for Methodology of Social Research. Especially for gndu students. Click on the link above for your […]